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Rob White

English pb mirror 33.2 common 27.2

Overseas mirror 52.2 common 35.

I've been passionate from day one about my carp fishing ever since the small age of around 10 due to a massive influence of my father also being a keen angler. From there it stemmed Friday and Saturday nights on the bank as a teenager being dropped off at the lake with my older brother in our dad's clapped out van lol. Ever since then I've never lost an ounce of love for the sport. I'm also a commercial fisherman and rod and line fish for bass so work and spare time is spent with a rod and reel in my hand.

Some people I speak to think I'm mad but we all strive for a bend in the rod. Really looking forward to using aqua dynamix's products having known a few anglers who have had brilliant results on the baits so hard to turn down the chance of joining a team moving forward. Good fishing and wet nets to you all.

Cheers Rob


Adam Mees

UK or abroad so long as I have water that I can fish I'm happy. Angled since I was very young and pride myself on accurate baiting, casting and not resting until I have my spots rocking. I've fished many waters across the UK and have ventured as far afield as the St Lawrence river, Canada and love nothing more than spending quality time on the bank with good friends or taking my young son fishing with me.

Since using the incredible range of baits in the AD stable I'm absolutely convinced its helped me land carp where other baits simply wouldn't have, so joining the promotion team was a complete no brainer. Having a young family and limited bank time I need 100% confidence in the bait I'm using, AD do this, now I simply concentrate on finding them,feeding them and enjoying my bank time.  

David Brockbank

I've been fishing since 7 yrs old but full on carping for nearly 30 yrs now fished all around the country and many places in France .
I love the challenge of big waters, low stock & finding all the bits and pieces then putting them together. Its not all about catching big fish though, its being out there and meeting great like minded people on the way .
I fish my way, love to experiment with rigs and bait even when I get told It wont work on here that lights my fire to prove them wrong, and on most times its worked for me, also helping others if I get asked questions. I am more than happy to help and take advice of others too.
Tight lines and be lucky
James Phillips
Since the age of 4 I've had a fishing rod in my hand going with my Dad to his local syndicate, him teaching me the ropes of water craft, fish care and attention the detail over rigs and bait. With this and despite my young age the passion grew and I was soon working my way up in fish size to landing my 1st 30 at only 7 years of age.
I enjoy fishing an array of waters from syndicates, commercials and pits abroad, I feel visiting many different waters not only improves you as an angler but optimizes the need of a quality bait. Using all of the range available from AD has not only shown me how good it truly is, but also many people I've met along the way too. 
Joining a company moving forward and with these baits they have on offer was a simple choice.
Be lucky.
Mark Wheeler
Yateley born and bred I'm fortunate to have some of the best lakes in the UK at my disposal but of course with that comes plenty of angling pressure. Having a young family, limited time, and many other anglers to compete with its vital I use a complete bait I have 100% confidence in using. AD do that, and have done so for the many years I have used it. I always looked for a bait that had an element of natural feed to it so to use a bait that incorporates maggot or worm harvesting all the amino's and digests it's no surprise these baits simply out fish many others on the market today. Add to that the other outstanding baits included in the range it's no surprise AD is going from strength to strength.
All the best