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Name: Dave Warren 

Age: 47

Location: Kent

Uk pb: 42.10lb Common

Uk pb: 39.15lb Mirror 

 I've been carp fishing for 30+ years, growing up in the Darenth valley in Kent, I've fished all the lakes in the valley over the years, learning my trade along the way and alongside some very good anglers,fished a number of waters around the southeast and elsewhere, living a number of years in Germany  I've fish a lot of lakes and canals in Germany, Holland, Belgium and France.

My fishing today see me mainly up the Medway valley in Kent on a couple of syndicate waters and the old Cemex Sutton 2 lake in my home village.
I'm an old school angler with old school angling etiquette, love and enjoy my fishing as much today as ever.
So if you come across me and my dog sniff on a lake somewhere come say hi as the kettle is always on.


 Name: Rob O'neil

Age: 43

location: Oxted Surrey

Uk pb: 33.14lb Mirror

Uk pb: 34.2lb Common

i have been carp fishing for around 12 years now and use this time to relax, unwind and enjoy my fishing.

I have used the range from Aqua Dynamix since 2010 and first started using the Worm which had instant success at Buryhill in Dorking Surrey. since then I moved onto the Citrus Shrimp in England and France with good catch rates, however I have now moved onto my favourite bait of all "Deliverz" I love the colour and smell of this bait, also accounting for two pb's in France this year. The company is very well run and deliveries are always on time without fail.

Name: Adam Robinson

Age: 29

Location: South Yorkshire

Uk pb: 41lb Mirror

Uk pb: 29.14lb Common

 I started fishing at around the age of 8, coarse fishing and once I got the bug I was "hooked". At around the age of 12 I decided to get into commercial match fishing and progressed locally very well. In 2007 my angling took a change, screaming reels and buzzers was my fix. For me the buzz of the take and the  battle that follows can't be beaten whether it's 10lb or 50lb and I'm sure this will stay the same for years to come.


Name: Darren Gregory

Age: 48

location: West Midlands

Uk pb: 33lb Common

Uk pb: 34lb Mirror

After fishing around the West Midlands for a number of years including Ecton,Patshull park and a few waters in Hereford. As many i have fished for a number of years and what can i say.. Its a part of me that will never die.Tight lines Darren....



Name: Ben Bond

Age: 17

location: Felixstowe

Uk pb: 38.12lb Mirror

Uk pb: 32lb Common


After being a part of the Aqua team since 2011 I have managed to break my PB on numerous occasions. This Year (2015) i decided to start a campaign on a rock hard low stocked pit that holds just 18 known Carp i have so far managed 3 at over 30lb in just a few weeks.

Two of these fish hold my current PB's i am sure that the Aqua range of bait has given me the advantage over the other anglers. 

Not just carp fishing fulfills my hunger for angling, i also partake in sea fishing,game fishing and fish for numerous river and still water fish species throughout all months of the year.


 Name: Rich Beardmore

Age: 28/

location: Stafford 

Uk pb: 36.2lb Mirror

 Hi I'm rich and I'm from Stafford i mainly concentrate on specimen day ticket waters my local water where i do the most on is Baden Hall quarry lake which has carp to nearly 50lbs which still alludes me but had my good share of fish from there.


 Name: James Phillips

Age: 17

location: Cambridgeshire 

Uk pb: 37.2lb Mirror

I've been fishing since the age of four, enjoying a wide range of angling, from carping on syndicates and abroad, to fishing on rivers for all types of species making most of my time out on the bank no matter where or when.


Name: Steve Patchett


Location: Lincoln

 I'm Steve from Lincoln Lincolnshire I've been carp fishing now for approx 10 years not using top end tackle but the Nash dwarf range to keep compact and ready to move on the carp when needed I'm on 1 syndicate in Lincoln on swan Holme lakes but mainly want to concentrate on river carping the next coming season last year I fished a lake on a caravan site local to me called shortferry angling on a lake called woodbine which is approx 3 acre in size and has 40 carp in 27 which is 25lb + and I've almost had at least half of them and the Lake record at 26.06 and been nick named the woodbine whisperer. The river holds a known 4 x high 30+ mirrors and a common at 44lb.


Name: Ben Horton

Age: 24

location: Shropshire 

Uk pb: 36lb Mirror


I have been a fully qualified mechanic for 6 years, specializing in French cars Peugeot Citroen and Renault. Currently work for Renault dealership. Family man with two young boys JJ 3 and TJ 4. I Been fishing from the age of 4 starting of general course fishing then progressing to carp fishing after catching my first ever carp at 6 on a pole 18lb common. Growing up in and around fishing all my life due to family run tackle shop and angling club warners angling.


Name: Andy Todorovic
Age: 34
Location: Rugeley, Staffordshire
UK PB: 29lb 10oz
Just like most guys out there, I started fishing fishing at the age of 4 with my old man for anything that swims on the local canals and pools.Since then no matter which species I have angled for, I have loved every minute of it.
I have been solely carp fishing now for around 14 yr's ,fishing well known syndicate waters,day ticket lakes and the local canals as well as the odd club lake.
Over the last few seasons,I've mainly been concentrating on the local canal and club lake.Up until now it has been going well, especially as I've been lucky if i get 2-3 overnighters in a month.With a busy workload and a young family (and a demanding Mrs) its not always easy to get out on the bank.The key/confidence factor to this has been the correct application of bait in the right areas and a lot of legwork in-between sessions.This gives me a major confidence boost and has definitely upped my catch rate compared to when I just didn't bother.Effort = reward!!!
Name: Steve Breakwell
Location: West Midlands
Hi my names Steve Breakwell I've been carp fishing in and around the West Midlands for about 12years. I'm a family man with limited time so pre-baiting plays a massive part in my angling. I love getting out on the bank and chatting to like minded people.
Be lucky


Name:Kyle Haigh

Age: 27

location: Worksop 

Uk pb: 23lb Mirror


I started fishing as at around the age of 6 with my Grandfather on a few local lakes targeting Roach, Chub and Perch, as my passion grew for the sport i went off in search of my first carp. I managed a small mirror of about 8lb but the smile on my face and feeling of excitement meant i was hooked forever and since that day the chase of scaley's continues. My current pb is from a low stocked Yorkshire gravel pit. I  have used the Aqua Dynamix range of products for the last 3 years and have had fantastic results. I have done well on all the baits in the range form the Edge to the Shrimp and now the almighty Deliverz.


 Name: Daniel Harrison

Age: 37

location: west Sussex 

Uk pb: 32lb Common

Uk pb: 35lb Mirror


I have a young "expensive" family and work long hours so finding the time to fish is sometimes difficult. I prefer to target large, low stocked weedy pits going for quality over quantity, enjoying the journey and learning new things always getting one step closer to hooking a chunk. I've fished many waters across the UK and spent three weeks on the St Lawrence river in Canada but I always become drawn to large low stocked lakes. I am convinced that by using Aqua Dynamix baits for the last has helped my cause landing very tricky Carp. My fishing highlights over the last few years have been landing my PB Mirror whilst taking my son on his 1st overnight fishing session. Also landing one of the sought after fish from a local syndicate after only 4hrs of fishing with other accomplished/sponsored  anglers on the bank. I firmly believe that the range from Aqua has aided this and I am proud to be part of the team.


Name: Chris Jones

Age: 40

Location: Cheshire

Pb: Mirror 29.06
Pb: Common 26.06

I mainly fish local club lakes & rivers in Cheshire.

Due to busy work load & family life, i have to fit fishing in when i can.

This means i have to compete against fellow anglers as well as the fish.

Favorite style of carping: mobile approach with light scattering of boilies or pre-baiting areas of rivers.



Name: Gaz Bett

Age: 36


I'm 36 years old,and have been fishing for 30+ years. I have 8 children so don't get as much time as i'd like for fishing(but do any of us really?)
I don't really fish dayticket lakes,preferring the intimacy of a small syndicate,or a 'guest' session or 2.
My biggest fish to date is a 29lb14oz mirror,which is going to increase over the next couple of years due to tickets i've been waiting a while for,on a couple of pretty special places....



Name: Chris Johnson

Age: 30

location: Nottingham 

Uk pb: 36.12lb Mirror

Uk pb: 26.8lb Common

I started fishing 25 years ago on the canal had my first fish which was a gudgeon got hooked ever since. I used to do a bit of match fishing as a kid but grew out of it then decided to take up carping. I don't get the time to go as much as I'd like as we all don't with working and family commitments but when I do go I enjoy every minute of it and that's what fishing is about to me thanks.


Name: Martyn Welch

Age: 30

Loacation: Mansfield, Notts 

Uk Pb: 24lb 

I've been fishing since the age of 5 and grew up spending my weekends working in the family fishing tackle shop. I've always been an all round angler targeting mainly rivers for all our beloved species. I'm still some what of an all rounder but about 5 years ago started to target carp and from there on was hooked. I joined up with jk angling a few years back and have been an active team member since attending events and socials and always pushing the brand. I started targeting all the local day ticket waters while I perfected my skills and have since moved on to a 30 arce shallow res with unknown stock. It's proved a difficult water with very few fish hitting the bank but when they do there absolutely stunning. I love all fishing no matter the size and species it's ingrained into my dna and can't wait to get my two young boys addicted too.


Name: Jimmy Evans

Age: 40

Location: South Yorkshire

Uk pb: 28.15lb Common

Uk pb: 23.3lb Mirror


I started fishing at a very young age and if anyone asked me to go I was ready.

As I got older fishing different waters from still to rivers and learning all the different types of methods. through the years I have swapped back and forth from the river to the pond. Only a couple of years ago I decided to give carp fishing a go and now I'm loving it..

Name: David Moring
Age    : 36

Location:  Essex
U.K PB Mirror  : 42
U.K PB Common: 34
Enjoy all aspects of fishing from carp to sea fishing. I first got hooked on carp when I was around 15 and been hooked ever since.
Believe in being different from everyone can give you massive edges in carp fishing and that's what caught my eye on these baits.
Fished all around Essex, from day tickets to syndicate waters. 
Most of all I enjoy being in touch with nature and the great outdoor and very keen catching these moments on camera.


Name - Nick Wragg

Age 37

Location – Chesterfield

UK PB - 30lb 7oz Mirror

European PB - 47lb 8oz Mirror


Favorite Method - All Depends where I'm fishing, what I'm fishing on / or the one that catches me a fish .I have been fishing since I was around 8 years of age. I have many a happy memory of being on the bank with my Granddad  on a wicker basket fishing for roach and perch at Belper pond. Sadly he passed away when I was 13 which I started to get into Carp fishing with some close friends, mainly trying to catch them off the top with my old course gear and a dog biscuit super glued to a drennan hook.

Now I have a young son who takes up a lot of my time so only really get out once a month whether it be my local syndicate or occasionally at a busier day ticket venue. Time is of the essence so having a  bait I'm confident in makes a big difference.


Name: Lewis Mower
Age:15(soon to be 16)
Location: Lowestoft
U.K. Pb: 21lb 12oz
My angling first started when I was about 3 years old, I went fishing with my dad for a night, managed to land a 18lb common( with the help from my dad obviously). And to this day I've been doing various types of angling, for example sea angling, fresh water match fishing and carp fishing. Clearly my passion is with carp fishing. I've landed many carp, as I said up to 21lb, I do get out on the bank as much as possible, but no where near as much as I want, as I have a Saturday job and I have to juggle angling around school work Aswell. But I would love to take my angling to the next step and help out a ever growing company such as yourself. I don't have a picture of my pb as it was over 5 years ago and the picture has gone missing. But I have a couple of pictures of recent captures.


Name – Andrew Murphy

Age: 39

Location – Cumbria

UK PB – 27.8lb Mirror


I've been fishing 12 years or so. I started off as a sea angler on the north East coast, and started coarse fishing a year or so later and once I moved to Cumbria started carp fishing at Brayton pond and was soon hooked. I fish a few lakes around here but crofton has got under my skin and a good head of high doubles and around 6 that we see sort of regular enough over the 20 lb mark. The lake record was my pb and was caught on the Edge in March this year. I also fish the occasional carp match at crofton. Kyi Clymo 16 UK pb common 19lb UK pb mirror 18lb 8oz France pb common 27lb 4oz I fish alongside my son Kyi who mainly fishes the pole and gets the carp rods out on a night. Kyi has fished for around 10 yrs alongside me and has caught plenty of wild carp from Brayton and is catching plenty if all species alongside me at crofton. With all our pb carp coming on the edge it's been a good couple of seasons now.


Name : Eddie Wills

Age:     29

UK PB Mirror : 31 lbs

Uk PB Common : 28 lbs  

My relationship with carp fishing began at primary school, quite accidentally, whilst I was riding my bike at a local waterpark. Intrigued, I began irritating a fisherman who inspired me to harass my parents for my own fishing rod. After that I was hooked - quite literally!  

Even during my early years the thrill was in the hunt - formulating my own blends of bait, spotting fish in the water and then staking out… potentially waiting for ‘the one’.

 I choose not to fish for commercial, frequently publicised fish. Instead, I fish based on my research for ancient, dark ones who lurk silently in the shadows. It is this natural beauty which makes the catch for me exhilarating, until the hunt starts again with my next target.

My earliest pursuit for carp began within a Midland park lake. Here I met a group of underground carp anglers who nurtured my new found passion for watching and understanding fish feeding within their natural environment. This then progresses into many hours spent on the bank as a teenager and now as an adult.

For me bait is the ultimate tool required to catch carp. Yes, you can bait up, watch and wait. But, if the formulation doesn’t suit your water or the season the quite frankly you may as well be fishing with only a hook! Therefore, I believe that it is from my carp observations, understanding and experience of formulating the right bait that gives me an edge. I now consider it a privilege to be affiliated with Aqua Dynamics who share in the same ideology as myself for the love, passion and dedication of the sport.




Name: Martin Worton
Age: 37
Location: Somerset
Pb mirror: 35.5lb
Pb common: 28.2lb

Originally coming from London I started carp fishing at the age of 12 at local ponds and lakes, and once I got 'the bug' I was soon fishing the likes of Farlows most weekends. My passion soon found me joined to a club water with access to Tolpits lake where after lots of hard work I managed to catch the lake record at the time of 35.5lb and my pb. Many years later, I am now living in Somerset since 2010 and carp fishing is still a big part of my life. With work, family and a baby on the way I have to make the most of the precious time I get on the bank so having a good quality bait that I have confidence in is paramount,  so joining the team at Aqua Dynamix was an easy decision.



 Name: Dean Rogers
Age: 29
Location: Suffolk 
Pb mirror: 33lb

 I have been fishing ever since I could pick up a rod n reel with my dad and Granfarther. I started off roach fishing on my local river and ponds,hooked my first ever carp, well that was me hooked for life, chasing that monster as we all do when we are young and keen. Now it's more of getting out of the house and not working. I also have another big passion sea fishing on the Suffolk coastline for Cod,Ling and other species. Now i have joined the Aqua team I know a team member already and after seeing some the bait range and how they reacted to it over the bait I was on. I knew I had to get on it.