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The Natural Maggot

The Natural Maggot


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The NATURAL MAGGOT boilie like the monster worm has been designed with same natural concept in mind. We have used fresh maggots and put them through the same process of pasteurization to stabilize the bacteria and conserve the unique amino-acids which makes the maggot such a great natural bait.The flavour of this bait isn’t very pleasant to the human nose as its a n-butyric with a hint of the classic big fish catcher squid and octopus. Through testing this bait we have found that not only Carp find this bait irresistible but the Barbel and Chub from the running waters have also taken a liking to it in a big way. Also a go to bait for many big fish anglers during to colder months, mix this with some live maggots and your onto a winner.

This is not a bait to be missed!!!

Available in freezer baits only


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