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The Citrus Shrimp wafter

The Citrus Shrimp wafter


The Citrus Shrimp is based on Pure Shrimp Digest giving the bait a distinctly fishy smell with a subtle back note of orange zest flavor. The introduction of bird food in The Shrimp also helps the digestibility and attraction even through the colder months making it a good choice all year round. The original recipe for this amazing bait was used by Chris Appleby earlier on in his fishing career putting plenty of fish on the bank. With the help of Chris we feel we have brought a bait to market that will certainly make its mark in the Carp Angling world. Whilst The Shrimp has been on test the results have been astounding.As with all the Aqua Dynamix range of products the use of Natural digests we feel are giving the baits the fundamental edge. The Pasteurization process used not only harbors all the unique amino-acids but conserves and stabilizes bacteria producing a vast array of natural feeding triggers.


The base mix and flavors have been combined with super buoyant cork dust to create a very versatile hook bait which can be fished popped up or trimmed to critically balance.

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