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Stench well what can I say. Stench is the operative word for the amazing combination of these prolific carp attractors, this is not very kind to the nose, In fact think twice about having these hookers in the kitchen!!! The combination of our super buoyant Hi-Viz range and our 15ml unique flavour enhancers takes the concept of pop-ups to the next level. 

With N-Butyric being in vogue for the smelliest carp attractor these hell'ish smelling baits pack an eye watering punch too but without the need of acids, so if you want your hookbait to stand out, these are the pop-ups for you.

Use them if you dare, you won't be disappointed by their immense fish pulling power.

Available in 16's fluoro orange, red or pink, plus a small booster liquid provided in a dropper 





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