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Stench well what can I say. Stench is the operative word for this amazing combination of these prolific carp at-tractors, this is not very kind to the nose but if I was to describe it I'd say Blue Walkers crisps.  The combination of our super buoyant Hi-Viz range and our 20ml unique flavour enhancers takes the concept of pop-ups to the next level. 

It seems the holy grail in carp fishing is to discover the ever desirable ‘Wonder bait’ many may think they have discovered it until the next new product hits the market.

When talking bait Regarding smells and attractors there is one thing that separates exceptional ones from the very average others, it’s the ability for them to stand the test of time, working as well today as they did 20+yrs ago.

The newly named Stench and Screams are two flavour combinations, I’ve used both with great success for many years, I can honestly say they are just two tubs full of confidence for me and have served me very well indeed.

You can really cover a whole verity of angling situations with them, from fishing as a single hook bait in the depths of winter to complementing a heavy baiting campaign during the warmer months, they even work exceptionally well over particle as well.

 For whatever reason they are just smell combinations that have always worked very well for me, so many things have changed in the ever changing trends of carp baits it’s a testament to these two flavours that they are still as good as ever and if not getting better as the majority of the countries carp have never smelt it before.

So speaking last year with Pete Tonks shortly after my return to Aqua Dynamix I wanted to launch these two smell combos as soon as possible in the form of a high attract pop-up hook bait, Pete and I are very excited about letting these two great carp catchers free onto the bait market for the public to use and enjoy their prolific powers.



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