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Pure Tuna Extract

Pure Tuna Extract


Tuna extract with a very similar make-up to the now discontinued L030.

Produced by an enzyme accelerated hydrolysis of by products, our tuna extract has superior nutritional qualities and oozes fish attractants with incredible results throughout the year.

Dark in colour, extremely thick and a high natural salt and protein content, this liquid is a game changer!!

During testing this has simply blown so many other inferior liquids out the water it's been very difficult to keep under wraps where the results have been so impressive.  Without including glycerol or other liquids to water it down this is as pure as you can possibly get. And we shall keep it that way!!

By calling something "a game changer" is a bold statement. But we stand firmly by it, it's liquid gold, and we are very proud to have this outstanding product in our range.

With the extract being so thick try heating the bottle to thin then pour over the baits to help the liquids penetration. Leave over night and you have yourself an irresistable food package. We've also found the heat treatment to work just as effectively, simply boil lake water and add some of the tuna extract too.

Supplied in 250ml 

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