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Deliverz  pop ups

Deliverz pop ups


Deliverz is a highly nutritional formula using the finest ingredients. In this base mix we have used a blend of LT94 Fish meal coupled together with our own also milk,whey proteins,betaine to name but a few and obviously a few other of our very own secrets.

The Digest used is of course "Liver" we have outsourced the finest Venison liver we can find which is really rich and wholesome, once pasteurized the amino-acids and proteins are locked into the food source. Creating the flavors for this bait took some time but we believe the combination we have come up with is a winner. The aroma well what can i say? Amazing...

A rich meaty smell is soon taken over by garlic and ginger spice and with added chili flakes to give the bait some HEAT!!


The base mix and flavors have been combined with super buoyant cork dust to create a very versatile hook bait which can be fished popped up or trimmed to critically balance.

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