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Custom hookbaits

Custom hookbaits


Every so often a product a product stands head and shoulders above all else, something you can wax lyrical about, "this is one" 

A custom hookbait unlike any other. 3 months prep to get these where they should be with a process many others can't or will not do. From de-hydrating then re-hydrating with a mixture of liquids and powders then repeating the process several times over, the whole while keeping the hookers at an optimal heat so as to not turn them to mush but to keep them perfectly firm. Few if any other bait firms can boast the care to detail we can over these and we are very proud to have these incredible fish magnets in our already impressive range.

Nothing is guaranteed but these pumped full of fish attracting hookers will give you an edge over anyone not using them. Perfect for single hook baits or having a stand out hook bait amongst a bed of feed.

Average 30 per pot @16mm

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