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Chris Appleby


I’ve been fishing for just over 30 years now, I matched fished up until the age of about 12 before the lure of bigger specimens really got its teeth into me, I’m probably more well known for carp fishing these days but like to class myself as an all-rounder enjoying many forms of angling from trotting in the winter on the pin for grayling to float fishing for tench on a summers morning, it’s all about the thrill of the chase and the unknown of what the day might bring.

I’d say my strongest angling skills lie in watercraft, bait application and the psychological side of the past time, I’m a deep thinker regarding angling and often I use this to give me the confidence to succeed by seeing out an idea or intention, where most might of changed approach with an unknowing detrimental effect.

I also carry a fair amount of bait knowledge, I’ve worked in and around carp bait for over 20yrs  testing and developing products, I also helped to set up Aqua Dynamix back in 2009 which was very ground breaking and pioneering for carp baits at the time, I moved on to various other bait firms soon after but never severing my ties with Aqua Dynamix.

It was very pleasing to receive such a warm welcome return from everyone at Aqua Dynamix when I once again joined up with the company in October 2015, really looking forward to help develop new products for the future as well as tweak the current range which is still exceptional carp catching food.