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Krilla Fruits 25k

Krilla Fruits 25k




As with all our range Krilla Fruits is no different, made with only the finest ingredients. This classic smelling fishmeal is pumped full of amino's and digests, so its not difficult to see why this is a firm favourite for many anglers home and abroad.

Starting with LT90 cod meal (excellent in cold water) and blending it perfectly with fresh Antarctic Krill sourced direct from Norway this bait was always going to be a winner. We have also included from the same Norwegian supplier the Hydro Fish Protein liquid with in this day and age needs no introduction, Also adding Casein 90, again a top product pumped full of protein and used in many HNV mixes with huge success.

To finish this off we've added possibly the greatest flavour package of all time Pineapple and N-Buteric acid.

The outstanding qualities of this bait lend itself perfectly to all year round use being its highly digestible. This no expense spared bait simply is a proven winner.

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